No, ArtyEnglish.net, along with ArtyEnglish.com, HoloMeme.net and Holo-MeMe.com, is meant to help you with Fluency and Memory Training. Since one of our principal aims is to teach you NOT ENGLISH but HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH, it can be used in conjunction with any English course you are presently studying.** It incorporates many different kinds of activities.. The activities have been designed more as means to motivate you to learn English and make you WANT to LEARN. We hope that through them you will see the necessity of English: to help you THINK & FEEL & BE in a different way; to become ENTHUSIASTIC.



At present,  our memberships last 1 year from the date of sign-up.

Towards the end of your membership, we may send you a reminder email. If you do nothing, your membership will automatically expire. If you wish to continue your membership afterwards, you will need to create a new account.

As a teacher, you can share your log-in info with your students so they can access for free. If the number of concurrent log-ins becomes excessive you will be notified.

The websites ArtyEnglish.com, ArtyEnglish.net, HoloMeme.net and Holo-MeMe.com are more a labor of love than a business. Your membership fees help this project grow as new material is constantly being added. It also helps subsidize poor families and low-income earner who wish to join at reduced rates.


Basically, yes. The speakers enunciate  in a variety of accents and come from numerous countries including America, Australia, Canada, Great Britain (including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), the Irish Republic, New Zealand and South Africa. There are also a few Japanese and Vietnamese speakers, too :).

Most of the material should work on all devices; some activitieto be the best browser to use. Needless to say, for better results on the BYOD activities, you need a good microphone)

We provide a 14 Day FREE TRIAL so this question is not applicable. 

At this time, within Vietnam, we only accept MoMo. Outside of Vietnam we only accept payments from Paypal. In the case that demand arises for another form of payment, we will try to accomodate.


Of course not! Definitely Not! The only information ArtyEnglish absolutely requires access is your name (or pseudonym) and email address. This enables you to log-in. If you choose to provide any other information through any of the contact forms and/or your log-in info ie what you decide to include on your profile, this helps us tailor the material under development to your specific requirements. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES does ArtyEnglish.com sell any of your information.


Unfortunately not. If you have a question it may take between 24 and 72 hours to get an answer. Please do not expect an instant response but rest assured your query will be dealt with.