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Ngày / Day / Día / 日 / #068

Part #2 of the Big Pharma. A check on how well you can determine a question from a given answer and a followup on how well you can enunciate it. 

オーストラリアで電力が運用されている途中で、最新のスキャンダラスなゴシップを入手してください。 あなたの国は下の土地と比べてどうですか? 世界中の政府は冗談ですか? どう思いますか? 日本はどうですか?

Listen and watch yesterday’s video again to refresh your memory (ONLY  if you think it necessary)

interacting heads

aka Read An Answer Guess Question
(Topic: Politics/BigPharma)

Read  each answer and  guess the  most obvious questionthink! What is a suitable question to match it. Speak into your microphone the click check to verify whether it is correct or not.

mic function 2

Voice recognition AI only works on Chrome or CocCoc browsers; and preferably desktop / 音声認識AIはChromeまたはCocCocブラウザでのみ機能します.

Question 68.01

Question 68.02

Question 68.03

Question 68.04

Question 68.05

Question 68.06

Question 68.07

Question 68.08

Question 68.09

Question 68.10

Question 68.11

Question 68.12

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