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Ngày / Day / Día / 日 / #060

Listening Comprehension & Speaking Combination:
How To Bring A Folktale Alive

#LISCOM aka Listening Comprehension

Once upon a time, there was a Chinese farmer who lost a horse.
Ran away.
And all the neighbors came around that evening and said,”That’s too bad.”
And he said, “Maybe.”
The next day the horse came back and brought seven wild horses with it.
And all the neighbors came around and said,”Why that’s great, isn’t it.”
And he said, “Maybe.”
The next day his son was attempting to tame one of these horses and was riding it and was thrown and broke his leg.
And all the neighbors came round in the evening and said,”Well, that’s too bad isn’t it.”
And the farmer said, “Maybe.”
And the next day the conscription officers came around looking for people for the army.
And they rejected his son because he had a broken leg.
And all the neighbors came round that evening and said,”Isn’t that wonderful!”
And he said, “Maybe.”
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aka Short Answer Practice
with Yes or No Questions

A quick and easy exercise in which you practice giving short answer responses using the correct pronoun and auxiliary verb (to be or did).

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