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Ngày / Day / Día / 日 / #059

Noone is Coming to Help You

At the time of writing, many people around the world are saying the Apocalypse, as predicted in the Bible, is coming. Others say it is already upon us. Whichever which way, it is the time to create a mindset that will assist us through. 

Dance Tango
サバイバルモードを活性化してください:Dance the Apocalyptic Tango 世界の終り

aka Interactive Video with Comprehension
and Vocabulary Expansion Exercises
plus Shadowing Practice

別名インタラクティブビデオ—–理解と語彙の拡張演習— + —シャドウイングの練習

read and speak

aka Guess The Question

7 Questions from the video. Can you guess them from the the answers below?

無料の4日間コース(+ 10日間コース)について
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