English in an imagined Future

Interactive Video
with Practice Exercises

A hard-nosed learning lesson today with some blackly sardonic, dystopian no-holds- barred gallows humour. Teleport yourself a decade into the future and imagine what your life might be like. Story courtesy of  Amir,  mastermind behind some thought-provoking content at his tiktok channel  as well as some wild and wonderful extrapolations at his website:  

clockwork orange

Watch the Video & Check Your Comprehension

Intermediate Level Comprehension Expansion #TOETOP   #TOEIC #IELTS .  Also, take note!  *errata in subtitles: ‘woctcha‘ should read ‘wicked‘ 

ACTIVITY #2: @ Word Power / Vocabulary Expansion

Some examples from literature classics on how you can use some of the words in your own speech.

ACTIVITY #3: @Fluency Practice:
Personal and Possessive Pronouns

Read the questions and the answers. Decide what word is missing in the each answer; then speak the answer into your microphone.  

aka Read And Match Before Oinking*

Read the useful idioms and idiomatic phrases, match them to their definitions then say each one quietly to yourself in the same manner as they are used in the video. * grunting (like swine)

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