Ngày / Day / Día / 日 / #048

Are you thinking of switching jobs? Fancy a gig as a profesional mourner. Read and Watch to Find Out All About Such a Job  and see if it’s the Job for You 

ACTIVITY#1: WAAQ aka Watch And Answer Questions

Blackish s

aka Shadowing Practice

A Listen and Repeat Practice. Famous Quotes on death by famous people throughout the ages. From deep and sombre to the frivously comic. Check below for the rough translations.

Quote#2.1 @Socrates

Quote#2.2 @Euripides

Quote#2.3 @Chuck Palahniuk

Quote#2.4 @Bruce Lee

Quote#2.5 @Edgar Allan Poe

Quote#2.6@Rabindranath Tagore

Quote#2.7 @Woody Allen

TRANSLATIONS of QUOTES : These are provided ONLY as a rough guide; and also a memory aid. DO NOT take them too seriously 

ACTIVITY #3: LAW-FIB aka Listen and Write-Fill In Blank

Just a kinda fancy way of saying dictation; click the plate of tempura  below and listen.
Write the missing words and then-as an extra bonus- you might also do a SHAPRA aka shadowing practice

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