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Ngày / Day / Día / 日 / #029

Q#01: MAJAAs
aka Memorizing Amazing Jokes
and Anecdotes

A Good News Bad News type of joke , this is an easy one to memorize; (VERY good for your English brain!!) WRITE IT OUT in a notebook specific for the purpose or on a sticky note. Jokes such as these typically begin with:
I have some good news and bad news…….

Q#02: QAMQ aka
Question Answer Matching Quiz

More practice using your audio / visual/ kinaesthetic encoders;
more fun to be had at BYOD aka Build Your Own Dialogue

Q #03: OOOH
aka Odd One Out Horror

Some figures from our world of timeless literature and music; a short and sweet quiz!

Q #04: LAW
aka Listen And Write

Advice on team management from a military strategist, writer, and philosopher. Read more here

Q #05: JUMIQ
aka Jumbled Inspirational Quote Part 1

Rearrange all the words, then drag and drop them into their proper position  to recreate the notable exhortation.

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