Day # 029

Q#01: MAAIQs
aka Memorizing Affirmations and Inspirational Quotes

##Study Hint!! If you decide to memorize any of the quotes
(VERY good for the brain!!)
write them out in a notebook specific for the purpose or on a sticky note

Q#02: TOFF aka
True Or Flagrantly False

Lorem ipsum dolor sit am

Q #03: MC-SR
aka Multiple Choice-Single Response

A monotonous morning in the working life of Bob Banal.

Q #04: DNDW
aka Drag'n'Drop Words

Check in on Some Habits and Thoughts of a Highly Effective Businessman

Q#05: AVKEn
aka AudioVisualKinaesthetic Encoding: Q&A Matching

Establishing or reinforcing neural connections via synchronization training and three encoders

gif white animated
Click to play

Click / tap to listen to questions on the left and the answers on the right. Match them by dragging the correct blue circles across and dropping each one until all the connections are complete. Check and repeat if necessary. 

クリック/タップして、左側の質問と右側の回答を聞いてください。 正しい青い円をドラッグして、すべての接続が完了するまでそれぞれをドロップして、それらを一致させます。 確認し、必要に応じて繰り返します。

Q #05 PPP

aka Power Pronunciation Practice

Speak slowly, in a loud voice and be as clear as possible  

Q #06: #EARWIG
aka Enunciating Analogous
Relations With Interesting Gleams

Great little quiz for Low-Level Interpretive Reasoning
(and building neural connections while  learning new words or reinforcing old ones);
it also helps you to think in another way ie in English

woman in pink office
Click / tap to play

Q #07: JUMIQ
aka Jumbled Inspirational Quote

Rearrange all the words, then drag and drop them into their proper position  to recreate the famous q

Q #08: NOYQ
aka NO Or YES Questions

Let’s test your knowledge of basic grammar. Is the sentence correct or not? Yes or no?

Q #09: WABI
aka Why Audio Books Inspire

Don’t underestimate the power of prepostions to propel your English forward
From the first paragraph of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Q #10: PPP@GTQ
aka Guess The Question

More chunking and intonation but also stress rhythm practice

Q #10: NOYQ
aka NO or YES Questions

A  few vocabulary questions on work  here : is the sentence below good or bad?

Question #8: GOB aka
Good Or Bad (sentence)?

Revisiting in order to revise some basic grammar… this sentence good or bad?

Q #0: MC-SR
aka Multiple Choice with Single Response

Lorem ipsum dolor sit am

Q #0: MC-MR
aka Multiple Choice with Multiple Response

Lorem ipsum dolor sit am

Question #11- STD
aka Spot the Differences: Part A

A fun variant on one of the classics: study the picture for between 20 and 30 seconds then click on the picture  

std 3
It is preferable that you do not verbalize or subvocalize what you see

Q #03: DnD-T1
aka Drag and Drop Text

Lorem ipsum dolor sit am

Question #12: OCA
akaOne Correct Answer

Be as  Loud and Slow and Clear as  possible 

Question #13 NOYQ
aka NO or YES Questions

Question #14- STD
aka Spot the Differences: Part B

You should be able to see  at least 7 differences. If you can’t, then click pic to go back. 

If you cannot find 8 differences Click here for answer and Part C of the trilogy

Question #15:LATAQ
aka Listen and Then Answer Questions

Another silly acronym. This is just Listening Comprehension. Here we are looking at the ‘ed’ endings in the past form of regular verbs. (Not always easy to hear. Or say!) Pronunciation exercise coming soon. 

Listen to the extract (less than 13 secs) then answer the questions underneath.

Question #16 @ WhQs
The 7 Most Important Words
in the English Language

GTQ Look at answer and think of Question   

Click to go to the matching exercise

Question #17: LIP
aka Listen, Identify Process

Listen to the dialogue again from Q17.  Highlight the words you hear.

Question #18: GTQ-
aka #GuessTheQuestion

Read the Answer. When you think you know the question, click/tap the mic button to speak and have your pronunciation checked.

Question #19: YONOM
aka YesOrNoOrMaybe Type Questions

Speak as Loud and Slow and Clear as possible  

Question #20 LAW aka Listen and Write
(What You Hear)!

Just a kinda fancy way of saying dictation; click speaker below left to hear.

Question #21:-- SongBird Sound Recognition and Memory Training: Matching Exercise

Match the songs and sounds of birds from Australia

!! _______ !!
Spot the Differences: Part C

Check your visual and verbal answers

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