Day #10

Day #10:> More Listening & Speaking Practice

Does your English tick all the boxes?

Here, a couple of mind- expanding activities to test your English mind and grow your skillset. 

Challenge your English Mind as you Throw grammar out the window and rely 100% on your intuition

Some of these exerc will take you to a place the border between  sanity and a mad place…The easiest up first: Dictation This is followed by a Read then Speak Activity. In your final activity you listen to the answer and guess the question 

Melbourne, Australia, 

8th of September, 2020


@LAWTS#02 aka Listen & Write aka Dictation then Speak
(Do a Shadowing Exercise if required)

Listen Carefully and Write the Sentences you Hear.

@RAATA#02 aka Read And Then Talk Aloud (then Check)

Speaking slowly and with clear enunciation, say the words you can see.

@WTQ#01 aka What's the Question?

Questions, questions and more questions. YOu can NEVER ask enough QUESTIONS!!!