Day #05


Day #05 SHAPRA aka SHADOWING Practice + #PAQ aka Practice Asking Questions + #RAR aka Read and Record

Topic: Posture>> Are you sitting comfortably?

An activity with one of the highest language learning R.O.T.I.s  😉
No! that’s not flat Indian bread we are talking about here.  R.O.T.I.  RETURN ON TIME INVESTMENT. 

You can never do enough listening and repeating if you want to get a feel of the language.

Activity #01 SHAPRA
SHADOWING Practice aka Listen& Repeat

Practice Listening and Repeating


Press pause and play after each chunk. If you find yourself unable to repeat what you hear, progressively mke the chunks of a shorter duration. A link to the transcript is here

Activity #02
#PAQ + #RAR Combo aka Practice Asking Questions & Read and Repeat

Practice of one of the most common type of Yes/No  (Closed) Questions beginning with “Do you…..”










Are you sitting comfortably?

Do you spend a lot of your days sitting down?

Do you work in an office?
Do you work in front of a computer?
Do you play computer games?
Are you in a classroom for many hours a day?
Do you travel on long plane journeys frequently?
Do you spend a long time in a car or on a bus everyday?

If you answered yes to more than two of these questions then read on.

It is not normal for the human body to sit for a long time.
Sitting for a long time is new in human history.
Now, sitting for many hours every day is common.
It is also dangerous for your health.
You can hurt your back your arms, your neck and your wrists if you sit for a long time every day.
People who work in offices often have health problems because they sit too long in front of the computer
People who travel many hours on planes often say they feel bad at the end of a long trip.
Experts say you should do the following if you don’t want problems.
Sit correctly.
Keep your back straight and your feet on the floor.
You should have a good comfortable chair.
Take breaks often.
Don’t sit for more than 30 minutes.
Stand up and walk around.
Several studies showed that people who take frequent micro breaks do more work in the day.
Drink water. Water cleans your body and keeps you healthy.
It’s good for you and gives you energy.
Don’t drink lots of coffee or tea.
Move your body.
Stretching is a simple and quick way of doing some exercise while you are sitting down.
Stretch your arms, your hands and your shoulders.
Don’t stretch a lot if it hurts.