Day #001

Day #001 :-
@PAQs + BYOD aka

Practise Asking Questions & Build Your Own Dialogue

Not nearly enough people ask enough Questions.

From the BYOD aka Build your Own Dialogue Modules.
Topic: Where you Live. 

Practice asking someone about: 

where they’re living;
their hometown;
its population;
best time to visit.

Practise being Creative! Learn to be Silly!

This  someone could be YOU so you can practise giving answers, too: excellent confidence building prep at elementary level for the spoken part of the IELTS exam!

Activity #01
Practice Asking Questions  

Activity #02

Build Your Own Dialogue

Please make sure you have watched the introductory/how to/ explainer video

There are 3 easy but powerful things you can do and I suggest you do all 3.
1) Listen to the Qs & As then repeat Qs using the recording function. Download.
2) Listen to the Qs & As then repeat the As given using the recording function. Download.
3) Listen to the Qs & As then give your own answers. Record and Download.

Approx. duration: 10 Min 

初めての訪問者のための指示 紹介/ハウツー/解説動画をご覧になっていることを確認してください HERE


1)Qs&Asを聞いてから、録音機能を使用してQsを繰り返します。 ダウンロード。

2)Qs&Asを聞いてから、録音機能を使用して与えられたAsを繰り返します。 ダウンロード。

3)Q&Aを聞いてから、自分で答えてください。 記録してダウンロードします。

約 所要時間:10分

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